Western Visayas crime rate decreases by 22.99%`

Western Visayas crime rate decreases by 22.99%` 

            Police Regional Office 6 (PRO6) has decreased its Total Crime Volume (TCV) from January to October this year.  

            Records shows, the total crime volume from January to October 2014 was at 107, 064 lower by 22.99 percent compared to 139, 034 crime incidents in the same period of 2013.

            The comparative crime volume per province are as follows: In Aklan province, from 13, 553 crime incidents recorded from January to October 2013 it lower down to 12, 721 cases this year, Antique- 6,910 to 5,322; Capiz-14,928 to 10,405; Guimaras-3,283 to 2,657; Iloilo Province- 29, 112 to 20, 092; Negros Occidental-32,182 to 27, 421; Bacolod City -19, 374 to 12,677 and Iloilo City-19, 692 to 15, 769 crime incidents were recorded.

            Such decrease in TCV is through the implementation of various crime prevention and crime solution initiatives and best practices initiated by the policemen and women in Western Visayas.

            Of 107, 064 cases, 63, 358 were non-index crimes or violations of special laws or local ordinances while 43, 076 were accounted for index crimes or crimes committed against persons and property.

            Out of 43, 076 index crimes recorded, the most common is physical injury with a total of 24, 426 cases followed by theft with 14, 016.

            Other index crimes recorded are robbery- 2, 769; rape-775; homicide-640; carnapping- 470; murder-463; and cattle rustling- 147.

            Such decrease in the total crime volume can be attributed to the different flagship programs initiated by PRO6 such as the implementation of Prevention, Response Operations and Strategy in Crime Suppression (PROSICS).

            PROSICS is the integration of all anti-crime strategies applicable in Western Visayas.

            Aside from PROSICS implementation is the unrelenting effort of the PRO6 personnel in the accounting of most wanted persons, implementation of warrant of arrest, conduct of police operations against loose firearms, illegal drugs, illegal gambling, carnapping and other illegal activities.

            Police Chief Superintendent Josephus G. Angan, Director of Police Regional Office 6 said, “Police Community Relations activities should contribute a lot in terms of crime fighting. Our focus should be in the reduction of crimes and increase in crime solution and clearance efficiency.”



PO1 Reymar S Gadian, 12/15/2014 —

1,000 cops promoted in WV

1,000 cops promoted in WV

Police Regional Office 6 conducted mass oath taking and donning of ranks this morning December 15, 2015 at Camp Martin Teofilo B Delgado, Iloilo City.

Fifty four (54) Commissioned Officers, two (2) Police Senior Superintendent, sixteen (16) Police Chief Inspector, thirty two (32) Police Senior Inspector, four (4) Police Inspector and nine hundred forty six (946) Non Commissioned Officers, ninety nine (99) Senior Police Officer 4, fifty Six (56) Senior Police Officer 3, two hundred fifty nine (259) Senior Police Officer 2, one hundred seventy seven (177) Senior Police Office 1, one hundred sixty four (164) Police Officer 3 and one hundred ninety one (191) Police Officer 2 were promoted to the next higher rank.

The mass oath taking was administered by Police Chief Superintendent Josephus G.  Angan, Regional Director of PRO6 followed by pinning of ranks by their respective families, friends and loved ones.

Angan in his speech congratulates and applauded the newly promoted police officers of the region.


PO3 Sharon F Balitor, 12/15/2014 —

PRO6 Highway Patrol laudable accomplishments

PRO6 Highway Patrol laudable accomplishments

            TheRegional Highway Patrol Unit 6 has conducted a series of Anti-Carnapping and Anti-Highway Robbery operations in different parts of Western Visayas which resulted to the various accomplishments of their unit.

            From January to October of the current year, RPHU6 has recovered a total of twenty (20) units involving eight (8) motor vehicles and twelve (12) motorcycles.

            Out of this twenty recovered units, five were recovered through actual operations, three were recovered through MVCs ( Motor Vehicle Clearance Section) while securing clearances, eight through voluntary surrender and four was recovered abandoned which was turned-over by Municipal Police Stations concerned.

            In addition, RPHU6 also apprehended 1, 366 violators of “No Plate, No Travel Policy” and 1,724 motorcycles for “No Helmet Law”.

            To note, pursuant to Memorandum Circular Number 2003-06 dated March 26, 2009, the PNP is hereby directed to undertake an intensified and unrelenting campaign and operation against carnapping.

            Accordingly, as “office of primary responsibility”, RPHU6 is directed to intensify the conduct of aggressive and sustained police operations in order to address various incidents of carnapping and high-way robbery activities, identify the carnapping groups or individual operating within the area of responsibility, including their network and support systems.

            Likewise, in view of their commendable performance, said unit was awarded by the Chief Directorial Staff, PDDG Marcelo P. Garbo Jr. during the 4TH HPG Command Conference in Camp Crame, Quezon City for having demonstrated its commitment to effectively implement the PNP’s vision to become highly capable, effective and credible police service.

PO1 Reymar S Gadian, 11/25/2014 —

Angan lauds Boracay cops

Angan lauds Boracay cops

            Police Chief Superintendent Josephus G. Angan, Regional Director of Police Regional Office 6 gives awards to personnel of Aklan Police Provincial Office after a three separate Anti-trafficking in person’s entrapment rescue operation was conducted in the said place.

            The Medalya ng Papuri or the PNP Commendation medal was awarded to Police Inspector Honey May R. Rosete and Police Inspector Nilo A. Morales, all of Boracay Police during the Monday Flag Raising and Awarding Ceremony held at PRO6 Multi-Purpose Hall today, November 24, 2014.

              To note, Boracay police have rescued 35 females who were allegedly victims of sexual exploitation in the evening of August 7, 2014 from various establishments in the island of Boracay.

              Said operation was realized following a series of entrapment operations initiated by Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC), Aklan Police Provincial Office, Women and Children Protection Desk and in coordination with the Aklan’s Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) in three videoke bars located in Sitio Lugutan, Sitio Bantud and Brgy. Manoc-Manoc, Malay, Aklan.

               In an investigation conducted by BTAC, it reveals that victims were recruited from other provinces mostly from Negros Occidental, Cebu and Manila.

               They were promised to work in the island of Boracay as waitress but they ended up as entertainers in a videoke bars and sometimes they were forced by the bar owners into prostitution.

               Meanwhile, victims are now under the custody of the DSWD while a case for violation of Republic Act 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 was filed against the bar owners.

PO1 Reymar S Gadian, 11/24/2014 —

PRO 6 sustains internal cleansing among cops

PRO 6 sustains internal cleansing among cops  

            As part of “Kontra Droga” campaign of Police Regional Office 6, Police Chief Superintendent Josephus Garrote Angan, Regional Director sustains its internal cleansing procedure among its men and women in ranks.

            This campaign is in line with the transformation program of the Philippine National Police in becoming a highly capable, effective and credible police force.

            The checking of personnel through conduct of various random drug tests is continuously done by the Regional Crime Laboratory Office (RCLO) 6 being in-charge in administering the procedure. If found positive, such person is subjected for internal disciplinary mechanism aside from his criminal liability he is bound to face.

            According to Angan “Even police officer is not excuse in using drugs while doing operational activities. He must face the consequences.” he stressed.

            The maximum penalty in administrative case for any police officer who might get involved and found positive in drugs is dismissal from the service. No one is excuse and exempted from the law.

            To note, this year, there are five (5) drug related cases which involves seven (7) PNP personnel who are now under summary hearing procedure.

            Out of this seven personnel, six (6) are Police Officer 1 and one (1) is with a rank of Police Officer 3. Two (2) of the cases came from Iloilo Province, One (1) from Capiz Province, one (1) from Antique and another case from Guimaras Province.

            All of the mentioned drug related cases is now for issuance of resolution.

            Further, based also on record, there were already two (2) drug cases resolved and meted with a penalty of dismissal from police service. The rank of these two police personnel involved were Police Officer 2 and Police Officer 3.


PINSP Shella Mae A. Sangrines, 11/18/2014 —